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If you have young children then the chances are you will have had to endure the sometimes cringe-worthy temper tantrums they sometimes throw. It can cause other people present to laugh at the sight of your child rolling around the floor screaming because they cannot fit something in a hole or because you will not let them have a sweet or be able to do something. But it is embarrassing for the parent.

The amusement from the first couple of incidences will soon turn to the parent being perplexed by the tantrums. Mainly from not being able to know what to do to prevent the child from having a tantrum or not knowing what to do to once in the throes of one.

You may have to deal with the tantrum differently when out in public or at someone else’s house. Whereas at home you may send them to their bedroom or to a quiet place, there will not be this option if at the shops or a house they are not familiar with.

Blowing your top and screaming at your child will inflame the situation and may cause your child’s tantrum to get worse! So take a deep breath and speak slowly and calmly, rather than shouting. Try to reason with your child rather than throwing your weight around, you are much bigger and they may feel intimidated.

Conversely, if you respond by being overly concerned by it, they may in the future use tantrums as a way of gaining your attention as they are going to be assured of a response or reaction from you.

It is far easier to stop the tantrum before it escalates too much then to stop a full blown one. If your child is a toddler then try to distract them and take their focus away for their source of anger.

Stick to your guns. If they are having a tantrum because you would not let them do something, the worst thing to do is to give in and then let them have it, just so that the tantrum stops. This will teach them that you will give them what they want if they misbehave.

For preschool children, taking time out or getting them to sit in the corner of a quiet room or bottom step of the stairs can be an effective way to resolve the tantrum. Make them sit there for a minute or so, not too long or they will not remember why they have been put there.

If you wish you can make older children sit there for a slightly longer time, perhaps till they have calmed down and worked out what they did wrong. This will not work for toddlers as their memory is not as developed.

Whichever method of stopping the tantrums you use, you must always explain to the child, no matter what their age, why they cannot throw a tantrum and the reasons you have told them off or made them take time out. Once your child learns that their tantrum will not get them anywhere they will soon stop them.

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