“Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?” There is Hope

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When it comes to getting pregnant, it really isn’t as easy or simple as many people might think. If you’ve been trying for a few months then you’re probably going out of your mind, asking yourself why can’t I get pregnant?

In an effort to bring you immediate comfort, please realize you’re not alone. There are plenty of women who have spent months or years unable to conceive and inevitably begin to blame themselves, sharing similar feelings and thoughts of self-criticism.

But you should also take hope from the fact that many women have been able to conceive, despite all of the odds seemingly being against them.

Pregnancy: Not What You’d call an Exact Science

Its true that getting pregnant isn’t an exact science. Many women will also tell you that when they stopped trying, and stopped asking themselves “why cant I get pregnant?”, they finally had the baby they had dreamed of.

That said, there are methods you can use to help increase the chances that you’ll fall pregnant. It may not happen straight away, in fact for 75% of all pregnancies it takes more than a month, but it can happen if you’re determined and you find the right method.

Hello Doctor?M

The first thing you should always do is talk to your doctor. Of course, asking yourself why can’t I get pregnant is common for many women, and in most cases there is nothing wrong with you! But, at times, there may be an underlying condition that needs checking out.

If your doctor tells you that its unlikely you’ll get pregnant, but doesn’t know exactly why, this is the point at which many women will give up. But the truth is that our doctors practice a certain method of medicine. There are other methods out there, methods using ancient natural remedies that are proven to work for many women.

Keep Trying

There are a myriad of factors which can potentially influence the probability of becoming pregnant; and it’s important that you acknowledge this fact. Just three factors that carry strong influences are stress-level, age, and your health. Notwithstanding these, if you’re willing to stick with it and discover a formula unknown to most physicians, then your reward will be associating yourself with the many, proud ladies who gave birth to a baby in good health — despite being told pregnancy wasn’t a possibility for them.

Remember that it might take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Stop beating yourself up and asking yourself why cant I get pregnant? Instead, take comfort in the fact that nature will do whats right if you give it a little helping hand.

More tips and tricks on Why Cant I Get Pregnant are on our site: Why Can’t I Get Pregnant.org

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How To Discipline Your Children

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One of the hardest things with being a parent is how to discipline your child, as times are changing so is the way we discipline our children. While using the belt may have been considered to be acceptable in the 60′s it is definitely not acceptable now. Times are changing and mostly for the better!

After working a full day in the office, shop or wherever we need to work to pay the bills it sometimes just feels easier to let the kids do whatever they are doing. If I am being honest it can be exhausting trying to control them and sometimes I am just not sure what the best thing to do is.

I have found that sometimes I have to look for help and support, even if it is only from knowing that I am getting good advice, from the Internet and TV. Sad but true. Yes there are some sites and some programs where they say things that just don’t feel right, but that is the beauty of it. You can always find someone else to read or watch.

Finding a website or a TV presenter that has the same parenting values as you do is important. When you find someone that you can relate to and if they make you feel that they have been through similar experiences to you then it is must easier to allow their advice to sink in to your subconscious.

Sometimes taking advice about how to deal with your children is the hardest thing to do, so often if someone offers their advice in a face to face situation it can get out of control. I think all of us have seen situations at family parties where someone has commented on the way other peoples kids are behaving, it almost never ends well.

Once you find a website that you feels offers good advice that is relevant to you then stick with it. I particularly like sites where you can ask questions, even if they don’t get answered quickly it is nice to know that someone is there to offer you one on one advice.

When starting to discover how to discipline your child it can be worthwhile to get advice from someone who truly understands. I have discovered that Ann Pleshette Murphy has a very worthwhile website full of information and personal help.

Why You Need To Have Birth Plans

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When it comes to the birth of your little one, you need to decide what type of birth you want to have. Will you be having pain medication or not? Natural or C-section? Although we can’t always control this, we usually have a plan.

A lot of us usually lean towards having a natural and drug free birth. But when the time comes for our baby to be born, pain tolerance usually decides this for us. There is no shame in having medication to help us through our child birthing experiences. Because of the research that has been done, we, as women, can be pain free and somewhat oblivious when our child enters the world.

Although this is not true in all cases, there are the exceptions to the rule. Some women may be afraid of needles, or just want to have the least invasive birth possible. Some women have no choice because of technical difficulties during their pregnancy. Some just want to be comfortable.

As far as natural birth (whether with drugs or without) or C-section, we do have a choice if we want one or the other. Oddly enough, some women do choose to have the C-section and avoid the pain of child birth. I guess we are slightly blinded by the fact that yes, if we do choose that method, we do avoid the birthing pains, but what about the pain afterwords? Did you know that a Cesarean is major surgery?

For the epidural, have you thought of the complications that could happen during and throughout this? I guess as women, we don’t think of the implications, we just want the quick fix. I won’t scare you with the details of my experience, just be careful and do your research.

I have experienced both natural birth and C-section, and let me tell you, I would rather pick the natural birth, regardless of the complications that went with it. The recovery afterward is so much easier compared to the slow recovery of the C-section. After a Cesarean (since the major muscle was cut), you can’t do abdominal exercises for 6 weeks or longer. That definitely can be a drag. Once again, my experiences with these two were not easy. I guess what I am trying to say is, if you can avoid a C-section, it might be in your best interest. But remember, the health of the baby comes first.

The bottom line is don’t let other people scare you with their stories, but still be open minded to what is available for you. Educate yourself, and your spouse or significant other. Make a plan, and try to stick to it (unless circumstances change it of course). Each experience is unique, so please take it day by day and try to enjoy life.

Anna Snyder is a vivacious young mother of three who has a zest for life. She loves to learn anything about maternity and pregnancy. She currently owns a online maternity clothing shop so check it out, it is Your one stop online maternity clothing and accessories shop

Why do babies get diaper rash?

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Diaper rash is something that parents hate to see on their child, however common it may be, and even for parents who remember having it themselves (less common now, but in the not-too-distant past variations of diaper rash could occur even into late infancy) it is something that no-one wants to see on their newborn child. The reasons for it are quite simple and entirely commonplace, but it is preventable and treatable. If your child does develop a diaper rash, quick treatment is advisable. And prevention is a matter of following some simple rules and showing diligence at key points which might lead to infection.

The major cause of diaper rash is wetness. This is no big surprise. The reason that it does not occur with any regularity in adults, after all, is that we are able to perform our bathroom rituals ourselves and know what needs to be done, essentially, what feels right and what we have learned. Babies, however, urinate quite often and will sometimes be in a dirty diaper for a while before changing. In addition to this, their stools are generally quite loose and their bowel movements are more frequent than those of adults. Unless they are changed with a regularity bordering on the obsessive, there is a chance of infection. Even then a baby with sensitive skin can become infected.

In an older baby, a time of sickness which is treated with antibiotics can be a risky time, as they are prone to diarrhea and the higher risk of diaper rash that that can bring. In short, even the best parents can have a case to deal with, and it is how they respond that is important.

Diaper rash and how to recognize it

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New parents have a lot of cause to be concerned about their baby’s health. Visiting any page with even just the regular things that can and do happen to most babies is enough to drive someone to distraction. Even non-parents would be hard pressed not to shudder in sympathy. Something as common as diaper rash, which affects most babies at some point in some measure, is still too much for any parent to bear with real composure. Knowing how to recognize diaper rash, and prevent it getting worse, is something that all parents will be well served by in the early life of their baby.

The diaper area of a baby will, unavoidably, come into contact with some bacteria on a regular basis. Even regular changes and cleaning can sometimes fail to pick it up. You will know when your baby has diaper rash, as it is characterized by skin in the diaper area appearing red and inflamed, and in some cases coming up in pimples. It will irritate the child and if left unchecked can develop into something worse, including a number of infections. As well as this, it will be obvious to any parent that the child is in quite some discomfort. They will cry more and louder, and show general displeasure. Keeping your baby clean will, however, keep diaper rash from occurring in a severe manner or too often, and swift corrective action including treatment with a gentle, pH neutral moisturizer will make a real difference, quickly.

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Feeding a premature baby

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When it comes to dealing with a premature baby, the rules change somewhat from the typical ones for dealing with a baby where everything has happened more or less on schedule. Sometimes you will find that, due to their reduced size and strength, your baby has less of an appetite if it has been born prematurely. In order to mitigate against this you may need to pay more attention and encourage him or her to feed. Even though their natural desire to feed may be reduced as compared with a stronger baby, they will still need to feed in order to gain some of the strength that they lack.

A newborn, fully healthy baby will want to feed between eight and twelve times a day. They will automatically wake up in order to do this. A premature baby may prefer naturally to sleep, as they will tire easier due to their lack of strength. This may mean that you need to wake your baby and persuade him or her to feed. After a time this will become a more natural process as they gain in strength and consequently in appetite. While you are waiting for this to happen, it may be necessary to wake without “fully waking” an alarm clock set to a gentle chime will mean that you can wake, feed, and go back to sleep, which is much better for your own health. By keeping your baby in the same room as you, you can simplify this matter a great deal.

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