Baby Showers And The Delight Of The Pregnant Mother To Be

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Baby showers are considered to be the most appropriate opportunity to honor the expectant mother. In a typical baby shower there will be food, games and activities. The shower often takes place just a few months before the baby is born. To host a successful shower party, you need the cooperation of the mother.

The purpose of a shower party is to honor the expectant mother and her child. This is a chance for family members and relatives to gather and enjoy their gathering. A shower is also a good opportunity for friends and workmates to share the happiness with the parents.

The expectant mother will receive gifts and supplies from guests. These gifts will be used for, and by, the new baby. Before the party, the mother gives a list of what she and her baby need. The guests will then buy gifts based on what the mother needs.

There are parties for couples and there are parties for women only. You must therefore first determine the type of party you want to do.

If your party has only female attendees, you should choose only womanly activities like tea parties and spa showers. The party will be decorated with a main color. This color can be pink or blue depending on which gender the new child is.

There are also showers for men only. These showers tend to have sporting activities. If the parents are having their second child, they have had enough toys and clothes for the baby. Therefore, they may want to celebrate a party where all the guests bring books to build a library for the child.

The baby shower normally takes place a few months before the child is born. However, there are showers that take place after the mother has given birth to the infant. This way of doing has the advantage of allowing the guests to see the baby and buy gifts accordingly.

Invitations should be sent four to six weeks before the occasion. Don’t send invitations too close to the event because there are chances that some guests cannot make it. If you want to invite guests from far away towns, you should notice them even earlier so that they have to time to arrange their job and prepare gifts.

Food and drink plays an important part of the success of a shower party. You should prepare food for all the expected guests and also for a few unexpected ones too – just in case! Baby showers will be a great joy for not only the parents but also any guests attending the event.

Hosting a baby shower can be a lot of work, but it can be rewarding as well. By searching at your local library, in magazines and by visiting our baby showers website, you should be able to find enough activities to keep everyone occupied and happy.

Fun Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations

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A baby shower is a great event that heralds the coming of a new addition to the family. This occasion is usually announced through a baby shower invitation, sent to the guests, or a baby announcement. A baby shower invitation can say a lot of things about the event, other than the details about where and when it will be. Other details which may be specified or written on the baby shower invitation wording are the theme or motif of the shower, how many babies are to be expected, and the gender of the baby.

There are many different themes for a baby shower which can be used also for the baby shower invitation. These themes are usually what dictate the general appearance and ambiance of the event. Themes can be anything from a color to an animated character to an animal. Color themes are usually blue for boys and pink for girls. Some other colors for boys are green and brown while girls usually have yellow or lavender. In some cases, the baby shower invitation may be dominantly made up of the color theme to indicate the gender of the soon to come baby. Some colors complement each other and are often used for the entire theme for decorations and the baby shower invitation as well as the giveaways.

Invitations can include actual baby bottle invitations with a tag attached to it with the printed details. Baby bottles can be filled with Hershey’s Kisses chocolate or Reese’s pieces. This unique baby shower invitation idea can also be done in the form of baby food containers filled with chocolates or hard candies. Popular food containers are the Gerber brand, the smaller the better. Expectant parents can get in touch with other parents with babies who are eating soft or semi solid food and ask for the containers.

Cartoon or animated characters are very popular themes for a baby shower to be used for the decorations and the baby shower invitation. Barbie or Tinkerbell is sometimes used for a shower for a baby girl. For baby boys, superhero characters are popular. Some well used characters are the Peanuts gang with Snoopy, Baby Looney Tunes, Precious Moments and many others. Even ordinary images which are not from popular shows or characters are used for a baby shower invitation, such as a stork or cartoon baby items. Baby bottles, bibs, diapers and diaper pins are just a few of the many things that can be used as a motif for the baby shower invitation.

Cards often have the announcement on top and the finer details printed at the bottom with regards to the venue and the date of the baby shower. Folded ones have the announcement on the front and the details when the card is opened. The preferences of the parent or parents are often followed for the baby shower invitation wording.

You might think that hand made baby shower invitations will be a huge hassle, and this might be the case. If you are planning the entire baby shower and doing everything alone, then you should probably look for a printable baby shower invitation kit instead. These are easier kits than hand made invitations. You can simply upload something on your computer, type in your information, and print them out.

Find more great ideas for baby showers at the Baby Advice site.

Types of Baby Showers & Baby Shower Invitations

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Surprise Baby Shower – Surprise baby showers can be fun if the Mommy-to-Be typically enjoys such events (All About Baby Showers). If you are thinking of hosting a surprise baby shower, you must have the help of those close to the Mommy-to-Be to determine her needs and wants for the baby. The guest list will also need to be planned very carefully, checking it with a close relative or friend to ensure you haven’t left anyone out close to the Mommy-to-Be. Although the surprise baby shower is not traditional, sometimes it is nice for a second baby shower (if the Mommy-to-Be is going to have a second) to throw a surprise baby shower.

Keep in mind that surprise baby showers can be stressful for the Mommy-to-Be as well as the planners, since you need to en sure you invite the right people without asking, and pick an available time when the Mommy-to-Be and family will be around. Usually surprise baby shower is not the first baby shower, but if there are going to be multiple showers then this can be fun! No matter whether the baby shower is a surprise or not, keep in mind that it is for the mom!

A non-surprise baby shower is a safer bet, since it gives you a chance to review the guest list with the Mommy-to-Be and also allows the Mommy-to-Be to register for gifts and let the host know if there is anything particular needed for the baby. Regardless of whether the baby shower is a surprise or not, remember it is for the Mommy-to-Be! Make sure she has a comfy chair to sit in, someone to hand her gifts, her favorite food and plenty of help getting the gifts to her car and into her home. It’s her special day!

Couples Baby Shower – Baby showers have always tended to be for women, with women and about women, but times are changing. Fathers are now taking a more active role in planning for the new baby and might feel left out in the baby shower party celebrations. If you are considering a Couples Baby Shower Invitations the big consideration is to make the men feel welcome and comfortable.

You should limit the cutesy baby shower decorations for the couples baby shower, and the food shouldn’t be all dainty either. You might consider a BBQ, giant sub sandwiches, pizza or a deli style buffet. Since you are all there to have a good time, structure is much less important. You will want to have nametags with the relationship to the parents-to-be if you are mixing people who know each other with those who don’t, and make sure you have a large, special name tag for the Mommy-to-Be.

There are also appropriate gifts for the Daddy-to-Be like a “coach” t-shirt, so don’t forget about him. Baby Shower favors can be given, but give something that would be appreciated by the couple, like candles and food items which are always a good choice. Other ideas are to make cookies with baby themed cookie cutters, then frost them with the baby’s name (if known) or a question mark and the couple’s last name. You could wrap the cookies in cellophane and put them next to a cute baking favor like the baby shower rolling pin recipe cardholder. You could even put a recipe for the cookies behind the card that’s included with the favor! (What man does not love cookies!)

Couples baby shower games should be funny and easy for all guests. You can take the couples first names and determine how many baby names can be derived from the letters. A prize can be given for the funniest name and the most names devised. Always a great game is to fill baby bottles with a favorite beverage and see who can empty the bottle first. Have all of the couple baby shower guests bring their baby pictures, number them and see who can guess the most correctly.

The couples baby shower prizes should be something silly, like Nerf basketball sets or Frisbees. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and put someone in charge of videotaping so that the pictures and video tapes can be given to the new parents. Couples baby showers can be a great way to combine a baby shower celebration and an evening out with friends. When sending the couples baby shower invitations, be sure and indicate that it is a baby shower for couples.

Baby Showers for the second . . . or More child – Although baby showers have traditionally been for first time parents, it is becoming more common for family, friends or co-workers to have a baby shower for the second child, third child or beyond. It’s wonderful to hold babyshowers for second and third babies, since they deserve special recognition too! Parents will appreciate new clothes for the baby, particularly if they are having a different gender child from their other children.

Baby shower gifts of time are also very welcome! New moms will appreciate your assistance with household chores, a gift of babysitting or some home-cooked meals brought to her house. It’s also a great idea to give something to the parents for themselves, like tickets to a movie, a gift certificate for dinner at a restaurant or items mom can use to pamper herself, like body lotion, candles, pretty soaps or maybe even a good book of short stories. When planning these type baby showers, the safest route to take is to ask the expectant parents what items they have and what they need. When sending the Baby Shower Invitations be sure and indicate that it is a second, third, fourth child babyshower.

Baby Showers for Single Moms – Baby Showers for single moms are perfectly acceptable and always a good idea. Single moms will need extra support, and a baby shower will allow her family friends to show their support. Here, gifts of your time and energy will be ideal and appreciated.

Welcome Home Baby Shower – A welcome home baby shower is an “after the fact” baby shower of the little one being born! This baby shower is not your traditional party or baby shower, but a great way for people who could not attend the baby shower to join in the fun. The biggest drawback to a welcome home baby shower is that the new parents are usually overwhelmed with the new baby and usually want some time alone.

The welcome home baby showers are mostly held a month or two after the baby is born to give the parents time to adjust. The nice thing about welcome home baby showers is that the Mommy-to-Be can tell her host and guests what she still needs for the baby, so it is a great way for her to get all the essentials she still does not have for the new baby. When you send custom welcome home baby shower invitations, be sure to indicate that it is a welcome home baby shower. And don’t forget your matching welcome home baby shower thank you cards with the same theme as your welcome home baby shower cards.

Where to Have the Baby Showers & Baby Shower Invitations Cards

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Where should you have the baby shower? The answer depends on several factors! Traditionally, baby showers are held at a home, word, restaurant, or church / temple. Baby showers nowadays are held at parks, country clubs, bars, restaurants and any place where people can gather. The preferred choice for the baby shower place is the warmth of some friend’s house since it is more comfortable, quaint and homey.

For the second or third baby shower, a restaurant with a private room, bar or church / temple are great places to host the baby showers. Cost is an important consideration since someone will have to pay for the baby shower costs. The weather and time of day are also important considerations when deciding where the baby showers should be held.

You should ensure that the baby shower location is large enough to accommodate your guest list. Regardless of whether you host the baby shower in a restaurant, hotel or rented space, make sure everything is planned and it will be an excellent shower! Hosting the baby shower at home will save a considerable amount of your budget. However, you will still need to spend money on plates, cups, napkins, eating utensils and possibly table rentals.

If the baby shower will be at a restaurant, you should start looking for locations early. You should visit potential locations to make sure it will accommodate your party, works with your baby shower theme and serves food that the Mommy-to-Be and your guests will enjoy. You should ensure that the location you choose will match your baby shower theme and will allow you to decorate for that theme.

Baby Shower Party at Home – The most popular place to have baby showers is in someone’s home since homes are warm and cozy, and usually you don’t have to worry about making too much noise. But, homes are often too small for a large number of guests. One of the first things decisions when planning baby showers is how many people the home can comfortably accommodate. The furniture should be moved so the baby shower guests can sit in an arrangement that will allow for pleasant conversation.

There are many types of baby showers for the home you can plan. Home baby showers are likely to be attended by guests of all ages, so you will want to keep the baby shower party fun for everyone. Some baby shower ideas that may be fun for younger guests might not be appropriate for older ones. A cute home baby shower favor idea is to make cookies, frost them with the Mom’s name, wrap them and put them next to a cute baking favor like the baby shower rolling pin recipe card holder. You could even put a recipe for the cookies behind the recipe card that’s included with the baby shower favor!

Baby Shower Party at Restaurant – A restaurant or banquet hall provides lots of space baby showers in an elegant atmosphere. The restaurant does the food preparation, clean up and other tasks, so your work is minimized. The biggest challenge to having the baby shower at a restaurant is to make the guests feel welcome and to create a comfortable atmosphere for conversation and sharing.

You should select a restaurant convenient to most of your guests and Mommy-to-Be. Plan the baby shower far enough in advance so that you can make the reservations. It will be difficult at that time to estimate the number of guests attending the baby shower, but you can check with many guests before mailing the baby shower invitations, so that you can give the restaurant your best guess. Always try the food yourself, BEFORE selecting the menu for the baby shower.

You should be aware of your guests’ dietary needs, and you might want to share the menu in advance or ask if anyone has any special dietary restrictions. Arrange for the restaurant has an alternative available if a guest can’t eat the foods that have been chosen. If any guest rejects the meal, the server should be instructed to ask the guest if she would prefer an alternative. Always check with the restaurant beforehand if you are bringing your own cake.

If you are hosting a large group for the baby shower, you might consider using baby shower place cards. It is also a nice little extra to have name tags for each guest indicating their relationship to the Mommy-to-Be, and don’t forget a name tag for the guest of honor. Baby shower decorations add a warm touch, but keep them simple. A cluster of helium baby shower balloons and a baby shower banner over the gift table add a festive touch. Don’t forget to give the guests a cute baby shower favor.

Baby shower games are sometimes not appropriate at a restaurant, but if the restaurant is casual and you have a private area, a simple baby shower game might be considered. Be mindful of your allotted time at the restaurant so that all of the baby shower gifts can be opened comfortably without being rushed. As the guests leave, it’s an added feature to have someone photograph the Mommy-to-Be with each departing baby shower guest. Have duplicate prints made and let the Mommy-to-Be include one in each of her baby shower thank you cards. It’s a thoughtful baby shower gift for both the guest and Mommy-to-Be.

Baby Shower Party at the Office or Work – When planning baby showers, one of the first decisions to be made is where to have the party. If it will be held at work, check with the human resources department to be certain there will be no conflict and verify that an appropriate area will be available. Deciding whom to send office baby shower invitations to might be difficult in a large business, because some people may feel left out. Ask the Mommy-to-Be for advice and suggestions.

One person should act as the host or hostess and delegate other tasks. The immediate co-workers normally pay the direct costs for the baby shower. Baby shower decorations and baby shower party supplies should be easily disposable. A cluster of baby shower balloons and a personalized baby shower banner would be appropriate. You should decide in advance if lunch will be part of the program or only desert. You will need to decide on something easy like pizza, while some office baby shower parties decide to make it a potluck.

An office baby shower party usually allows very little time for baby shower games, but the lottery style scratch off game cards are perfect for these type of baby showers. Ask each person to write down her suggestions for keeping the new baby happy. These suggestions can be funny or serious, and should be read just before the Mommy-to-Be opens the baby shower gifts. Ask someone to take pictures and get doubles printed so the Mommy-to-Be can have one set and the others can be posted and shared with all.

If the baby shower party is being held during working hours, time could be a factor. The hostess should keep everyone and the baby shower on schedule. A clean up committee should be appointed in advance and should be responsible for returning the room to its original appearance. Have fun, but remember, it is still an office environment. And, above all, don’t forget to send personalized baby shower thank you cards.

Baby Shower Invitations Announcements Cards Ideas

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A few websites design, manufacture, print and ship their own brand of baby shower invitations. Their advanced technological features allow them to personalize your baby shower invitations online and then instantly preview them BEFORE you buy! Most custom Baby Shower Invitations reflect the theme of the baby shower being given for the Mommy-to-Be. Although it is constantly being updated, here are a few of the current popular baby shower invitations announcements cards ideas which might be helpful to you in making your selection, All About Baby Showers :

Baby Bassinet Shower Invitations Announcements Cards: Baby bassinet with a baby inside decorates this baby shower invitation baby boys or a girls. For twins use two bassinets or for triplets we will add three bassinets

Baby Bib Shower Invitations Announcements Cards: Baby shower invitations announcements cards with a bib shown

Baby Blocks Shower Invitations Announcements Cards: Baby shower invitations with ABC and 123 blocks for both baby boys and girls

Baby Bottle Shower Invitations Announcements Cards: Baby shower announcements shaped like a baby bottle

Baby Carriage Shower Invitations: Baby shower invitations with baby carriages can be used for a baby boy or a girl, twins or three carriages for triplets

Baby Shower “baby” Invitations Announcements Cards: Baby shower cards with actual photos or pictures of babies or clip art pictures of babies. If you know the sex of the baby, make it a baby boy or baby girl on the baby shower invitations

Stork Baby Shower Invitations: These are always a favorite! Baby shower invitations with a stork. We have several cute baby shower cards that have a picture of a stork delivering a baby or with cute wording ideas

Baby Items Shower Announcements Cards: Baby shower cards with multiple baby items (bib, burp cloth, diapers, basket with towels, etc.) to signify the baby shower is coming. These are available in “blue” or “pink” to signify the sex of the baby

Cute Animals Baby Shower Cards: Baby shower announcements with a furry teddy bear or butterflies are always nice

Baby Shoes Shower Invitations: Baby shower cards with baby shoes are one of the best selling baby shower cards, since they are so small and signify a new baby is on the way or already here.

Cute and original baby shower invitations are a great way to set the tone for your baby shower, and they also provide a reminder for the guests to put on their bulletin boards. You can view lot of printable custom Baby Shower Announcements, Baby Shower Invitations and Baby Shower Cards, add your personal message, along with your favorite fonts, ink color and then Preview your personalized baby card. This process allows you to see your baby card before you buy!

Sarah Porter, Press Agent for several baby sites Birth Announcements Cards, Baby Shower Invitations, Baby Shower Announcements and more.

Win Over The Hearts Of New Parents With Unique Baby Gifts

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To give birth is one of the most challenging things in this universe. The expectant mother has to go through lot of pain and suffering to bring her baby in to this world. And finally, when the baby arrives in this world, friends and family members come together to congratulate the new parents and welcome the baby in to their lives.

One of the best ways to express your joy is by giving unique baby gifts. Unique Baby Gifts not only show your genuine feelings for the new born, but also help you win over the hearts of new parents. They would definitely appreciate your efforts in finding unique baby gifts. Baby gift baskets, Silver Baby Gifts, baby photo frames, and personalized baby gifts are some of the baby gift items that are much better than conventional newborn gift items like baby clothes, baby toys, baby shoes or baby books.

Let us begin with baby gift basket. This unique baby gift consists of several practical things for the baby as well as the parents. It can include musical baby soft toys, soft baby blankets, cute baby hats and warm baby sleeping bags. Baby gift baskets can also include necessary items like changing pads, teething toys, pacifiers, baby wipes and baby night clothes. Baby gift basket with gifts for expecting mothers also make a unique baby gift. You can include night gown, skin products, baby books, spa treatment coupon and other such things to pamper the new mother.

Personalized Baby Gifts also make unique baby gifts. It can be a personalized baby gift box consisting of baby clothes, baby shoes and baby girl doll or baby boy teddy. Or a personalized name print frame, personalized silver baby bracelet, personalized name canvas and portrait canvas frame. These baby gifts make the perfect gift for special occasions like baby shower, christening or baptism. You can also write a personal message on the card and put it on top of your personalized baby gift box.

For unique baby gift, you can also give silver baby gifts like silver bracelets, silver bangles, silver brush or silver birth certificate holder. These unique baby gifts are distinct and will be treasured for long. Thus, there are various unique baby gifts available in the market. All you need is some research and you can get the best value for your money. If you want to save your time and still get the best new baby gifts, you can take help of online baby gift shops. One such online baby gift shops where you can find exclusive baby gifts is The Baby Gifts Company. This U.K based company provides a range of exclusive, luxurious and affordable new baby gifts and toddler gifts such as baby clothes, baby shoes, baby toys, baby blankets, baby skin care products, baby sleep bags, mother skin care products and much more. They also provide unique baby gifts like personalized baby gifts, silver baby gifts, baby gift baskets and lot more.

Personalised baby gifts include baby gift baskets which contains many essential baby items like- baby photo frames, baby toys, blankets, shoes, baby books etc which is available at an affordable price.

How should you bath your baby?

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To give your baby a decent bath there are a few rules that you must stick to. Other than that you have more or less free reign to do as you wish. The potential for mishaps is always possible, and no parent wants to take undue risks when washing their baby, so staying away from obvious hazards is more or less self-explanatory. For simplicity, it is necessary simply to avoid lifting the baby as much as possible. To much soap and water do not make for easy handling, and dropping your child is a constant and terrifying fear for parents. Prevention is, in this case, a straightforward matter.

In the first six months of your baby’s life, a water depth level of approximately five inches will be fine. The temperature should be somewhere in the region of body temperature, slightly above is best (around 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) as the water will cool from the moment it is in contact with the bath. You can then put your baby in the bath, using one hand to hold up his or her neck and head and avoid it getting bumped. You then wash him or her with a soft handcloth and a small amount of soap. Moistened cotton wool should be used to clean their face, and to moisten any dried mucus before wiping that away.

Rinsing away all soap and any remaining dirt requires a clean facecloth, and then you can dry him or her with a small towel which you can use to wrap him or her. Then you can use a mild moisturizer in order to keep his or her skin soft.

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