Potty Training Boys – 3 Reasons You Should Start Potty Training A Boy Sitting Down

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Potty training boys can be a lot harder than potty training girls; this is usually because boys have more steps to learn. This article will discuss 3 reasons you should start potty training a boy sitting down.

1. Lessen The Confusion:

It really doesn’t matter whether or not they learn how to urinate standing up or sitting down, but either way they will still have to learn how to go to the bathroom sitting down so they can have a bowel movement. Because of this fact it is often recommended that boys learn how to do both sitting down first, this will lessen the confusion as they do not have to learn two different skills simultaneously.

2. Fewer Messes:

After they have mastered urinating standing up, it is likely you will have more messes to clean up as they perfect their aim. This is a natural part of the process and may make things a little more difficult for you if it is done in combination with simply learning to use the potty. If you potty train a boy sitting down first, there will be fewer messes to deal with which will make things go smoother for both of you.

3. Quicker Results:

When you tackle one step at a time, you will most likely see faster results for the whole process. After having successfully learned to use the potty, mastering the skill of standing to pee should be a piece of cake. Messes for this next process are inevitable, but they won’t be in combination with normal accidents that occur for the normal potty training experience.

In this article we looked at 3 reasons to start potty training a boy sitting down. Boys have more to learn than girls do, because of this sitting down during the process is less confusing for them. The benefits are fewer messes in the beginning and faster results since tackling one step at a time is much easier on both of you.

Potty training toddlers is really hard; weeks of accidents and frustration are usually inevitable. But the end result is worth it; hopefully the above steps will help you get through the diaper to underwear transition.

Potty train your boy sitting down or standing up? That is the question…

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