“Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?” There is Hope

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When it comes to getting pregnant, it really isn’t as easy or simple as many people might think. If you’ve been trying for a few months then you’re probably going out of your mind, asking yourself why can’t I get pregnant?

In an effort to bring you immediate comfort, please realize you’re not alone. There are plenty of women who have spent months or years unable to conceive and inevitably begin to blame themselves, sharing similar feelings and thoughts of self-criticism.

But you should also take hope from the fact that many women have been able to conceive, despite all of the odds seemingly being against them.

Pregnancy: Not What You’d call an Exact Science

Its true that getting pregnant isn’t an exact science. Many women will also tell you that when they stopped trying, and stopped asking themselves “why cant I get pregnant?”, they finally had the baby they had dreamed of.

That said, there are methods you can use to help increase the chances that you’ll fall pregnant. It may not happen straight away, in fact for 75% of all pregnancies it takes more than a month, but it can happen if you’re determined and you find the right method.

Hello Doctor?M

The first thing you should always do is talk to your doctor. Of course, asking yourself why can’t I get pregnant is common for many women, and in most cases there is nothing wrong with you! But, at times, there may be an underlying condition that needs checking out.

If your doctor tells you that its unlikely you’ll get pregnant, but doesn’t know exactly why, this is the point at which many women will give up. But the truth is that our doctors practice a certain method of medicine. There are other methods out there, methods using ancient natural remedies that are proven to work for many women.

Keep Trying

There are a myriad of factors which can potentially influence the probability of becoming pregnant; and it’s important that you acknowledge this fact. Just three factors that carry strong influences are stress-level, age, and your health. Notwithstanding these, if you’re willing to stick with it and discover a formula unknown to most physicians, then your reward will be associating yourself with the many, proud ladies who gave birth to a baby in good health — despite being told pregnancy wasn’t a possibility for them.

Remember that it might take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Stop beating yourself up and asking yourself why cant I get pregnant? Instead, take comfort in the fact that nature will do whats right if you give it a little helping hand.

More tips and tricks on Why Cant I Get Pregnant are on our site: Why Can’t I Get Pregnant.org

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3 Responses to ““Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?” There is Hope”
  1. jenny@clothing says:

    I want a Baby. My Boyfriend and I have been together now for about 2 years and we have been trying to have a baby. I have seen plenty of doctors. And they keep telling me to keep trying. I have endometrious and ovarian cyst. I have gotten 2 surgerys for it. My doctor said one thing that will help that is actually getting pregnant. But will that ever even happen??

  2. Michelle from producemorebreastmilk says:

    there are actually a lot of reasons could lead to not getting pregnant. one of the ways to deal with it could be changing of your diet and lifestyle. Foods with caffeine has some harmful impact on conception, such as coffee, black tea, chocolate, soft drinks. I read some study that a cup of coffee could also delay the conception of a woman who try to get pregnant.

  3. seeja from pregnancy says:

    There are two types of Infertility: Primary and secondary. If a couple is not able to conceive after one full year of trying then it is known as primary infertility. If a couple had conceived earliar and now are unable to conceive then it is called secondary infertility. The cause of infertility is in the woman 1/3rd of times, in men 1/3rd and in another 1/3rd both the partners are at problem.
    The commonest causes of infertilityin women are
    1. Ovulation problems: Primary ovarian failure, PCOS, ovarian cysts,
    2. Problems in the tube: Pelvic inflamatory disease, endometriosis, chalamydia infections
    3. Problems with implantation and uterus: Endometriosis, uterine malformations, defective endometrium, fibroids

    The common causes ofinfertility in men include
    1. Absence of sperms
    2. Poor motility of sperms
    3. Blockage of the vas, a tube which conveys the sperms from testis.

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