Why Use A Hospital Grade Breast Pump

March 11, 2010 by Jenny Belle  
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The most recommended breast pump available to new moms who are breast feeding is the hospital grade breast pump. The power of these pumps help to stimulate a moms breasts, and help the body as it raises prolactin hormones and oxytocin hormone levels. This helps to to produce the most breast milk.

There are personal breast pumps available for use, but hospital grade breast pumps are FDA approved to be used by more than one mother. A personal breast pump can only be used by a single mom.

Hospital pumps have built in precautions that help to preclude any type contamination. When used in a hospital, each mom is given her own collection kit.

Using the hospital pump is going to give you a better experience as they are stronger and more durable. This allows them to be more powerful, because their motors are stronger. Even a personal pump that costs the most money can not match one of these. The level of suction is very strong and this leads to great suction and successful pumping.

There is one drawback to these stronger and heavier pumps though. They are bulkier and therefore a little more difficult to take back and forth to work then a personal pump might be. However, they do have a three-year warranty versus a twelve month warranty of a personal pump. They are meant to last.

If you have a sick or premature baby, twin, need to increase your milk supply, or just need to begin lactating, hospital pumps are great for these types of situations. They are quite sturdy and are meant to be used often on a daily basis.

Hospital pumps are great for any type of pumping situation. They are sturdy and can be used daily and frequently. There are some special circumstances when a hospital pump is especially recommended. If you have a premature or a sick child, twin, you need to increase our milk supply, or you need to begin lactation.

The cost of these sturdy and efficient pumps is definitely more than a personal pump. However, they can be rented. Hospitals rent them as well as lactation consultants.

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